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One Month $165


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Six Months (One Month free) $860


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Students will learn about fundamental painting principles, they also learn about color theory, and fine detail about Pencil drawing.


Students should be on time for each class and online.
All materials will be provided by the Mission Art Center for students in the Orange Office Classes.

Is Pencil Drawing Tough for You?

Well, come to Mission Art Center; they’ll teach you to play with pencils. Be the artist you wanted to be. Here’s more! Pencil drawing: Mission Art Center trains you to draw with ‘pencils

What Is a Pencil Drawing?

Pencil drawings are only created using pencils; no colors are used. With graphite pencils, an artist can execute an excellent work of gray-black strokes. From fine detailing to smudging, you can give any shade using your graphite pencils; however, the art is not as simple as it sounds.

One needs proper training from the professionals like the ones in Mission Art Center who are experienced and hence, adept in guiding you with the correct methods of pencil sketching. From basic to advanced level, their course includes everything for the various requirements of their candidates.

pencil drawing orange county art school

What Should You Know About Pencil Drawings?

Out of all the artist mediums used, pencil sketches are considered to be the simplest, yet with a diverse form. However, a pencil doesn’t mean only graphite ones we generally use.

When it comes to the fine arts, artists widely use charcoals as well. This is one of the best mediums to capture our emotions and imaginations. Did you find that interesting? Well, more on this will be taught in pencil drawing classes offered by Mission Art Center.

Based in Orange County, California, they have been in this business for 12 years now. Apart from this, the instructors have individual work experiences and qualifications in their specific fields.

What Are the Different Grades of Pencil?

When you are using pencils for drawing, you must understand the various grades available.
Pencils are manufactured with different amounts of ingredients that control the hardness or softness of the leads.
Based on these, you can draw soft or hard strokes on the surface. All of these are technicalities that an artist must know in detail. This is why, experts like Mission Art Center, are required to provide proper guidance from the very beginning.

Why Should You Attend Pencil Drawing Classes at Mission Art Center?

Here are the benefits you will enjoy if you join this fine arts school.

  1. Register your child’s name along with you: As they offer classes both for kids and adults, you can also register your child in the same school. This has its own perks – you, as the parent, will have a sense of safety, reduced packages for classes, assured proper training, and more.
  2. Personalized guidance: Pencil drawing needs patience for precision. So, the art instructors at Mission Art Center focus on every student and optimize their skills on an individual basis. You will get personalized training from this fine arts school based on your needs.
  3. Technical knowledge of this art: Out of all, the first important thing that we must understand is holding the pencil properly. This might sound too basic, but the final work depends largely on this factor. You need to hold the pencil correctly while drawing.

Some of the tips are –

  • You must understand when to use pressure on your wrist and when it should be on your shoulders.
  • Make sure to not hold the pencil too tightly. Be comfortable and relaxed.
  • While working on fine detailing, hold it close to the tip. This will give you better control.
  • Draw larger lines in one stroke by holding the pencil at the back

Why Would the Mission Art Center Be Your Best Choice?

Mission Art Center includes every aspect of pencil drawing in its program. Once you join our classes, you offer discounts, convenient class timing, and quite many events and workshops. So, contact us now for your next class.

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