Joining Best Fine Art School During Covid: Things To Remember

2020 is gone, and vaccination started in early 2021, getting back to fine art school can be challenging for many students. You got to consider a few factors before choosing a fine art school.

Here’s the list of a few musts that you should do before joining a fine art school.

joining best fine art school during covid

8 Things To Check Before Choosing A Fine Art School

1. Online Research

The first step before joining a fine art school is to find one. When you search for fine art schools in California online, you’ll find dozens of options. Some old, some new. Note down names of all the schools in Orange County. Also, check out Facebook to find out a few more options.

2. Fine Art School Reputation

To date, word of mouth is still the best form of marketing around. If a fine art school receives positive reviews from students, then the school must’ve done a lot of things right. To get the best reviews, you can talk to former students or check reputation websites like Yelp.

3. Faculty: Team Members

The faculty of a fine art school is a crucial factor in the admission process. You’d always want to be taught and mentored by the best in the industry. The more experience an artist has, the more valuable he/she is to the student. Nowadays, all the teacher profiles are uploaded on the internet. You can visit the websites and check their qualifications.

4. Services Offered

There’s a lot of diversity in the world of art. Before taking admission, make sure to check on the services/courses provided by a school. For example, if you’re interested in oil painting, don’t take admission to a school that specializes in just sketching.

5. Age Group Preferences

You’d want to choose a fine art school where people similar to your age learn, isn’t it? So check out the internet for the schools that fit your age group. Mission Art Center, the best fine art school in Orange County, California, offers courses for kids as well as adults.

6. Location

If time is of the essence, you’d want to choose a fine art school closer to your home. You can take admission in a good school a few hours from your area, but that will only eat up your precious time. So, choose wisely and pick a fine art school in Orange County.

7. Fees

Of course, money is a factor which you cannot ignore. Contact the school authorities and clarify their course packages. There’s no point in choosing a fine art school that does not fit your budget.

8. COVID-19 Protocols

Now, this is a relatively new point. The fine art schools must ensure that all the protocols brought on by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) are followed properly.

If you’re looking for a reputed fine art school during COVID-19, then checkout Mission Art Center in Orange County, California.

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