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Students will learn about fundamental painting principles, they also learn about color theory, and fine detail about Pastel drawing.


Students should be on time for each class and online.
All materials will be provided by the Mission Art Center for students in the Orange Office Classes.

Do You Want to Learn the Techniques of Pastel Drawings?

Register at Mission Art Center, the best fine art school in Orange County, California. Learn everything from basic to advanced.


pastal drawing class orange county

Mission Art Center, being one of the most trusted institutes in Orange County, California, provides you with pastel drawing training to groom your artistic talents. Offering their classes to everyone – from kids to adults, the team at Mission Art Center has designed programs that ensure every candidate receives individual guidance from the experts. To begin:

What Are Pastel Drawing Techniques?

Fine art is a huge subject area and creativity is the core of this. The horizons of this art form are barely visible. The pastel drawing is an important part of fine arts. 

  1. These drawings make use of color sticks, made from the binder and powdered pigments that are pure. 
  2. The color effect created in pastel drawings is much closer to its dry pigments. 
  3. Unlike other colors, you cannot test pastels on palettes; rather, these have to be applied directly on the working surface. 

What Are Pastel Drawing Techniques?

Pastels are mainly divided into three categories – 

  • Pastel pencils – Gives brighter colors; best for blending and smudging. 
  • Hard pastels – Best for adding accents and detailed outlines. 
  • Soft pastels – Have pastel leads. Excellent for fine detail work. 

At Mission Art Center, students will be taught by enthusiastic trainers about the various methods of using these pastels. 

In fact, they will also introduce you to other types of pastels such as water-soluble pastels and oil pastels. 

How the Right Art Instructor Can Help You Learn Pastel Drawing?

These trainers will help you with everything in their pastel drawing classes including –

• Choosing the right surface
• Choosing the correct tools
• Different ways of smudging and layering
• Selecting the right subject to draw, etc.

Are There Any Tips for Pastel Drawings?

Of course, there are different tips for drawing with pastels perfectly. Here are a few of them – 

  • While doing pastel drawings, plan the detailing from the very beginning. However, never do full detailing in the initial phases. 
  • Learn to balance between blended and unblended marks. 
  • You can use pastels to draw larger color areas quickly. So, experts; recommend loosening up, i.e. instead of wrists, you should use your elbow and shoulder for movements. 
  • Mission Art Center teaches you to have patience while using colors and layering with them simultaneously. 
  • They’ll teach you to create the complexity perfectly using pastels. 
  • Learn to artistically use the intensity of the black shade.

You can expect more of such tips and guidelines from the professionals at this fine art school  

Why Choose Mission Art Center Over Others?

You will get reasons to join this fine arts institute once you attend their trial class.

These trial classes are offered completely free of cost so that interested candidates can get a glimpse of what the world of fine arts has to offer to them from a team of exceptional and professional artists.

Apart from that, they offer extremely affordable packages for their courses along with monthly and yearly discounts.

Contact Mission Art Center for Pastel Drawings Classes

Please contact Mission Art Center for pastel drawings at (888) 702-5277

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