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Students will learn about fundamental painting principles, they also learn about color theory and fine detail about Acrylic painting.


Students should be on time for each class and online.
All materials except the Acrylic paint will be provided by the Mission Art Center for students in the Orange Office Classes.

Do You Want to Learn Acrylic Painting?

If you are currently living in Orange County, California, visit Mission Art Center located in the city of Orange to receive the best training for acrylic painting. 

Experiment with your creativity on canvas with acrylic painting at Mission Art Center 

Welcome to the creative world of acrylics at Mission Art Center.

To face the blank canvas and breathe life into it is indeed exciting. When it comes to acrylic painting, one gets more ways to express oneself artistically. Additionally, working with acrylics is an affordable option to working with oils. In this mission of rediscovering your creative self, Mission Art Center can help you with the best professional guidance.

Do You Want to Learn Acrylic Painting?

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Acrylic painting is a new concept of painting that was recently invented in the 20th century. These paints dry fast and are soluble in water. However, once the paint dries on the surface you are painting on, it becomes water-resistant.

  1.  Acrylics are made from a mixture of pigments and a synthetic resin binder.
  2.  Unlike other paints, solvents are not required for diluting the paint or washing off the brushes.
  3.  Interestingly, the painted canvas can be easily rolled up, and there won’t be any cracks or breaks.

Because of its versatile nature, this is a wonderful choice specifically for beginners. If you are interested, you can always join acrylic painting classes offered by Mission Art Center to learn the art of acrylics.


Do You Want to Learn Acrylic Painting?

Most people often ask themselves why right training classes are required to learn painting using acrylics. To improve a person’s artistic skills, schools like Mission Art Center are necessary for the following benefits: 

1. They’ll teach you to use the surfaces 

Acrylic paintings can be done on several surfaces including paper, canvas, brickwork, leather, wood, etc. And each of these has unique effects on the final work. For instance –

 If you want to use a suitable surface for an oil technique, the canvas would be an excellent choice 

 If you prefer more of a watercolor style, paper can work 

2. They’ll teach you all the different techniques 

Fine art teachers at Mission Art Center are knowledgeable in the various techniques of using acrylics. They offer personalized acrylic painting classes so that every student can improve their skills in the fine art of painting.

Some of the most indispensable ones are: 

a. Using opaque colors: With opaque colors, the layers will be non-transparent. So, the painter has to blend it by using the shades side by side. 

b. Watercolor: Acrylics are transparent mediums and can easily be used with watercolor techniques. 

c. Pouring the colors: Well, it’s a new technique where colors blend naturally by tilting the canvas. That’s because the paint is directly poured on the canvas. 

Learn more by registering with one of the best fine arts institutes in Orange County, California Mission Art Center

3. They teach you tips and techniques 

There are certain tips and techniques on how to use acrylics in the finest way. For instance, this being a quick-drying paint, one needs to apply vigorous scrubbing along with water to remove the paint when required. Again, some other factors in this painting are: 

a. They become a little darker after drying. 

b. As they dry super quickly, you must be really fast in painting. 

c. More layering is involved in acrylic than blending. 

All these you can learn once you take acrylic painting classes from Mission Art Center.

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With an experienced team of art enthusiasts, they are passionate about art including the field of acrylics and offer the right training on this medium of art. 

One can expect to optimize one’s creativity to the fullest with these experienced artists. Mission Art Center guarantees that you will enjoy your classes. 

Being in business for 15 years now, they will guide you throughout to improve your skills in acrylic painting. You can contact Mission Art Center for free trial classes today or call 888-702-5277

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